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 On this page you will find some pictures of our apartments,
of Corniglia and of the surrounding panorama

Corniglia is one of the five villages that make up the beautiful Cinque Terre region of this rugged coastal area on the Italian Riviera. This stunning medieval community is the only one of the Cinque Terre villages that is not directly adjacent to the sea. In contrast, Corniglia sits high on a rocky outcropping approximately one hundred meters above the Ligurian Sea. With this enviable location, visitors enjoy amazing views up and down the coast.

You can get in Corniglia by car or by train but remember that is very limited parking and the roads are winding and narrow. To get here, you can take the local train from either Levanto in the north or La Spezia in the south. To reach Corniglia, visitors must either traverse the 377 steps from the railroad station below, or take the shuttle bus up the hill (recommended when you arrive with luggage). While you’re here, you might as well earn your climbing merit badge and take the steps at least once.
Taking the shuttle bus up from the train station deposits you into the main piazza, or the hub of activity for this small community. Locals sit under the trees in the square and greet visitors as they arrive practicing Il dolce far niente, or "the sweetness of doing nothing." In the morning, vendors are out selling their wares and making their deliveries. Corniglia is a hub of activity as the town awakens.
The pace here is easygoing and methodical. There are no famous attractions that you need to rush to see. The main attraction is the down-to-earth, truly authentic life that these people lead, and the beautiful scenery that surrounds them. Spend a day wandering the streets of Corniglia, or join the locals in the town square with a good book and you’ll have a pretty good day.

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